Originally I’m from Mexico, a country with plenty of sun, colours and natural diversity. So I've been always fascinated by the beauty of the nature in all its forms and systems, especially the natural light and sun, but also the complexity and refinement of the ecosystems.

My pursuit of becoming an architect started in my late adolescence, getting acquainted to the curious and playful works of M. C. Escher. During the formal architecture education I got more and more interested in the ways to combine aesthetics (forms and perspectives) with sustainability, and especially I’m attracted to play with the natural light. The sun is the most powerful energy resource available to the entire Earth!

Formally I graduated the Iberoamerican University in Mexico (architecture), and then continued in Barcelona (doctorate program with the focus on energy and environment in architecture). The last part of my research years I spent in Gotland University, in the department of energy. Later I passed some special study programs in Mexico (Sustainable design and construction; Design of sustainable communities). My special strength is using the natural light and particular climate conditions throughout all the projecting process, thus ensuring pleasant, healthy, light-filled and energy-efficient space.

Currently I'm living and working in Estonia.